Purpose, mission, values

Our vision

A community free from asthma

Our purpose

Helping Australians breathe better

For over 50 years Asthma Australia has been the leader in asthma health care education, research and support. Asthma Australia delivers evidence-based preventative health strategies to over 200,000 people every year and provides support, training and resources to the primary health care sector. The organisation funds vital basic science and population health research contributing to national and international understandings of asthma and how best to manage the disease.

Our values

Pioneering | Tenacious | Progressive | Transforming | Liberating | Reflective

Our goals

1. Programs and Partnerships
Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations work collaboratively to improve the quality of life for people with asthma.
Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations will reduce the burden of disease for people with poorly controlled asthma.
People and communities that are hard to reach, isolated or disadvantaged are given priority of access and the reach of our services is expanded.
2. Research, Evaluation and Innovation
By 2018 Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations will provide $1.5 million per annum to support basic science and population health research.
Asthma Australia will lead innovation and a culture of continual quality improvement by critically evaluating the impact of our programs, services and policies with results to be transparently published.
3. Advocacy and Engagement
Asthma Australia is the nation’s peak asthma body and remains a highly regarded and credible respiratory organisation in our own right.
Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations will engage with Commonwealth and State Governments to ensure that asthma remains a National Health Priority.
Investment by Government in asthma health care strategies and asthma research will grow.
4. People and Performance
Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations are Employers of Choice and foster a culture and leadership capability aligned with strategy.
We partner with or employ Leaders in their field.
Improved data capability includes clinical, commercial and financial analysis.
5. Profile and Sustainability
By 2018 Asthma Australia will be a leading health charity brand and the leader in Lung Health Charities.
Through shared service delivery Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations are financially secure with a high level of operational effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.
6. Leadership and Governance
Asthma Australia provides the leadership, policy direction, support, resources and tools necessary for Asthma Foundations to continue to be successful.
Asthma Australia leads by example by implementing best practice governance, financial, risk management and human resource policies and strategies.

What we do

2018 at a Glance – Click here to download infographic


  • 2.7m Australians have asthma (11% of the population)
  • Approximately 400 Australians die from asthma each year
  • 39,500 Australians hospitalised
  • Only 24% of people with asthma have an Asthma Action Plan
  • 62% of young people have poorly controlled asthma and 52% are at a higher risk of mental illness

Our Partnerships

  • $2.6m new funding for programs and research
  • $1m gift from the Ernest Heine family to develop a world leading telehealth coaching program
  • $100k Hudsons Coffee come on board to support asthma research
  • 38 health organisations partner to deliver services

Our reach – Australia’s most trusted source of asthma information

  • 2,300 schools and community organisations trained in asthma risk management
  • 38,000 teaching staff trained in asthma first aid – 10% via our new online training portal
  • 3,425 health professional trained face to face and online

Our impact

  • 61.6% of people accessing our community support program improved their asthma score by 5 or more points
  • With the National Asthma Council Australia we lobbied Government to implement a new National Asthma Strategy
  • 10 research projects worth $1.35m committed to asthma research 

Our online profile

  • 1.1m visits to www.asthmaaustralia.org.au 
  • 4.5m media impressions on social media

Our finances

  • $4.56m net income (2015, as reported)
  • $4.45m expenditure
  • $107k surplus (excluding research)
  • 13.7% administration costs
  • 70% project and research costs
  • 60% income through government funding
  • 40% income raised in the community