Asthma Emergency Kits – For under 5’s


  • Asthma Emergency Kit Bag
  • Two small volume plastic spacers
  • Two face masks, for use in children under five years of age
  • A medication record log which enables you to track usage of the blue reliever
  • Directions for use of the spacer
  • Asthma first aid steps

Important Information:
The Asthma Emergency Kit is not complete until you purchase a blue/grey reliever puffer (salbutamol) from the pharmacist.
The contents and expiry date of this medication should be routinely checked.

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Asthma Emergency Kits are intended for the convenient, safe storage of blue reliever medication and unopened single-person-use spacers and face masks. They are to be accessed and administered by those who have a duty of care in schools, childcare sites and other workplaces.

Note: The contents of the kit (blue reliever medication, spacers and masks) are not intended for general all-purpose every-day use, rather the management of an asthma emergency.

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